What is Sprkl Studio 👩🏼‍🎤🌈✨ ?

Sprkl Studio is the fully custom side of the Sprkl Shop! For those of you who are looking to create something totally unique and personalized, this is the side of the The Sprkl Shop for you!

When you order from Sprkl Studio, you'll get the following experience:

1. A one on one session with Sprkl to design all your items exactly as you want them! This can be done over email or IG or Text.

2. You will get access to limited edition inserts and glitters. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will go shopping for you!

3. A production date! After your meeting with Sprkl to design your items, you will get a production date for your order so you'll never have to wonder when it will get made. We make everything by hand and work within an 18 business day production cycle.

4. You will receive updates when we get started, as well as a photo of it when it's completed before shipment.

Shop Info and Policies 🤩🌸✨

Order Timing

Please note that all our items are handmade by a small team. It can take up to 18 business days (this does not include weekends or major holidays) for your pieces to go into production and we do our best to ship them out within 2 to 3 business days of completion.

We will not reach out to you with a production date unless you ask for one over DM or Email and you will not hear from us until we ship your order, unless you have purchased an item from Sprkl Studio.

All sales are final once produced

If you have any needs/want to make any changes, please reach out to us! We love to talk to you and are more than happy to help you with whatever we can. 

So please make sure to reach out to us before we get started on your order if you want to make any changes. If it's not too late, or too crazy of a request we will do our best to accommodate you. 🥰🌈✨

Shipping Policy

Once the package leaves our studio we are not able to access any information beyond what is available on the tracking page, and we cannot take responsibility for any delays or missing shipments due to USPS or any other shipping carrier. Please reach out to USPS directly for shipping issues with your package, especially if it has been marked as delivered. 

Care and use for pet tags

These pet tags are made of Squidpoxy an organic and food safe craft epoxy and Non- Toxic UV resin, essentially plastic, so we recommend to be mindful of extra active players and chewers. If you have a pet that chews/chews their tags already, we suggest you be mindful of them and the tag when unsupervised. For heavy chewers we recommend purchasing a tag that cannot be reached while being worn around their neck. With the right fit, your dog or cat should not be able to reach tags on their collars while they are wearing them.

With regular wear and tear, your tag should hold up. Our founder’s pets Beans (dog) and Sebastian (cat) are still rocking the very first Sprkl Tags ever created!


If the ring hole of your tag breaks – please reach out to us with a picture and we will make you ONE remake free of charge. All remakes after that will need to be purchased. 

We are always happy to repair your items for you if possible! Please reach out to us if you think we can fix an item for you!

If you have ever bought a piece from us and it has broken due to chewing/a naughty pet/any other earthly cause, please email or DM us with a photo and we will give you a coupon code to get a replacement piece at 20% off retail price or if possible you can mail your item back to us for a repair! All we ask is you pay for shipping! 🥰🌈✨